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We accept Credit Card only (debit or credit) no checks or cash:

  • Your credit card will automatically be charged on the 1st of every month while renting a storage unit. It is the tenant's responsibility to keep credit card information current to avoid additional charges.
  • If your credit card is declined, there will be $30 in fees applied to your account.
  • We prorate you in but we do not prorate when you move out.
  • We charge a one-time bookkeeping fee of $10.00 for each unit rented.


Some homeowner's insurance policies will cover items in storage; however, others do not. Please check with your insurance carrier, or we can provide a pamphlet for a referral to an outside insurer.

Insurance is not required but for an added peace of mind, we strongly suggest obtaining it. Although our tenants do have the option to purchase insurance, keep in mind that if you choose to opt out of insurance coverage, you will then be considered “Self- Insured.” Any “Self-Insured” tenants will be storing at their own risk.